Sewmadic's Vision

To provide innovative, quality sewing tools and accessories for you to be able to take your sewing joy wherever you go. Be that on a sewing retreat or to a sewing space in your home, we want to be there for you!




Why Sewmadic?

‘Sew’ + ‘Nomadic’

Sewmadic adjective [Soh・mad・ik]

Definition of Sewmadic

1: A word to describe a person who likes to sew and take one’s sewing joy on said travels. Example: Jane is a sewmadic person because she likes to attend sewing retreats and take her best sewing tools and accessories with her.

2: A word to describe a person lacking in a designated sewing space and has a need for portable and convenient sewing tools and accessories, which can be set up and packed away easily. Welcome to the Sewmadic community! It’s great to have you here.

A Larger Part of Our Vision

A larger part of our vision is to support female entrepreneurs in underserved communities to start or grow sewing related businesses, which create opportunities for themselves and others. We do this through Kiva. All loan repayments to towards funding other loan requests.

You can visit our Kiva page to see the female entrepreneurs we have supported so far.

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